Happy 30,000th post Rayman!!!

    I know some people might be tired of hearing these celebration threads, but I think this one is definitely worth a mention.

    Happy 30,000th post to Rayman!!…jpg

    Well done!!!


    Thats some amount of typing.
    Thanks for all your hard work though!

    Woow Well Done! A genuinely helpful guy!


    Woow Well Done! A genuinely helpful guy!

    kind of implying that c32 isnt?:giggle:

    congrats rayman:thumbsup:

    Congrats Ray


    [CENTER][FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=2][COLOR=darkorchid]Fantastic![/COLOR] :w00t: [COLOR=darkorchid]Well done ray!!![/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT][/CENTER]

    Thanks very much all :oops: I think I should stop myself spamming now :giggle:

    well done Rayman

    Well done Ray


    Woweeee!!!!! Keep up the good work!!!!!

    Bet your keyboard is knackered!

    30,000 posts! and at least 29,999 of them being helpful, How do you do it!

    Well done! (Or should that be a thanks!),000ofspades-713418.gif

    30,000 ??? Not many is it!? :? :w00t: WTG Rayman! :w00t: :giggle:

    well done Rayman

    Well done rayman...and thanks for all your mod're a gentleman and very much appreciated on HUKD

    congrats Ray, bet you saved sometime by using the fire extinguisher to blow out all your candles hehe

    Congratulations and well done Rayman!!! :-D

    [CENTER][SIZE="4"]The truth behind Ray's ability to be constantly on the ball both work & later while protecting the inhabitants of HUKDworld finally comes to light.... [/SIZE]
    [SIZE="5"]Congrats & well done Ray!!![/SIZE][/CENTER]

    Congrats Rayman!

    Well done!! When's the party?

    Congrats rayman

    Great job Ray!

    Woo hoo - party time!!
    Well done!!

    WOW!! How many keyboards have you got through?? Well done. :thumbsup:


    WOW!! How many keyboards have you got through?? Well done. :thumbsup:

    I bet he's got voice recognition! :thumbsup: :giggle:

    :whistling: Spammer:whistling:

    wow! well done! may there be many more thousands to come.

    Well done done, Ran wonderful landmark.

    Congrats Ray

    [CENTER][SIZE="5"]Congralulations Rainman!![/SIZE][/CENTER]

    well done rayman!

    OMG 30,000 posts

    i dont know anyone on any forum posting that much

    well done mate


    A bit belated,but,congrats ray.A gentleman and a scholar.:thumbsup:

    Congrats ray and thanks for all your useful posts and friendly replies. This place wouldn't be what it is without you! :thumbsup:

    Thanks again everyone I really do appreciate your kind words and you've persuaded me to carry on spamming :giggle:


    Congratulations Rayman and thank you for all the help you have given me.
    wtg ray 30,000 posts thats amazing long way to go lol, thanks for all the tips and help youve given me and thanks for saving me money lol, Congrats once again,
    Congratulations Rayman.

    do you know what the most impressive thing is? most of those 30 000 posts aren't spam, mainly just helpfull replies and good deals.
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