Happy Birthday To Me

    Hi everyone,

    It's now my 24th birthday as of midnight tonight (the 14th of march) and i've received an email from HUKD admin saying happy birthday, so i'd also like to thank him for setting the system to remember. :giggle:

    Anyway, i better go, as i have a big day ahead of me but i just wanted to share my special day with some of the people that matter to me on here, as i really love a lot of people for making this place seem so special. :thumbsup:


    Have a gud'un realfriendlyman:thumbsup:;-)

    Original Poster

    Thank you everyone, i really appreciate it and will make sure i have a great day, we've got some big plans with my gf for wednesday and then i should be doing something with my friends the following night and then maybe something with my family over the weekend........ i'm already exhausted :giggle:


    Only 24 and you're exhausted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:giggle:

    Happy birthday have a gud un.

    happy b'day :-D

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    Damn, my dad just called and my uncle told him my grandads taken a turn for the worse in hospital and could die any minute in cyprus, so he could actually die on my birthday and we won't be able to sort out flights in time......... :-(

    Does anyone know where to book cheap flights to Cyprus from heathrow for wednesday or thursday?


    Sorry to hear that, hope you can make the most of it anyway.

    Get flights whatever the cost, your regret it otherwise.

    Hope everything is ok

    EDIT: Changed the first pic, was a better pic but HUGE!

    Hope your Grandad gets better - won't feel like a birthday otherwise. Congrats on making it to the ripe old age of 24 :P (how scary is that, nearly a quater of a century). Cheapest flights seem to be Thomas Cook standby flights at £38 per person each way - turn up and wait till there's a space, could be several hours or several days.

    [COLOR="Magenta"][SIZE="7"]Happy Birthday To You
    Happy Birthday To You
    Happy Birthay Realfriendlyman
    Lets all have some caek[/SIZE][/COLOR]

    Happy birthday....!

    Happy Birthday realfriendlyman...hope you don't find any wood in your birthday cake!!! LOL

    Happy Birthday ! X


    Happy Birthday realfriendlyman...hope you don't find any wood in your … Happy Birthday realfriendlyman...hope you don't find any wood in your birthday cake!!! LOL

    :giggle: :giggle: :giggle:

    many happy returns :thumbsup:

    happy birthday to you

    Happy birthday

    happy birthday

    Happy Birthday

    happy birthday enjoy - was mine last week and god did i have a good nite on sat

    :thumbsup: :w00t:
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