Happy Birthday to...........Choc1969, gonna be a bangin' birthday, one to remember on the 5thNovember!

    I wanted to be the first to congratulate the rather fabulous choccy on a milestone birthday...............21 today (again)

    Happy Birthday choccy, one of HUKD's allround luverliest and one of my very few true faves x

    Best wishes - Hope your gonna like your pics vvvvv


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    A lady with taste in her gentlemen.

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    [COLOR="Red"][SIZE="5"]Have a fantastic day Choc[/SIZE][/COLOR]

    Happy Birthday..!!!

    Hope theirs plenty of Fireworks...!!!

    Have a lovely birthday Choc-don't do anything i wouldn't do!

    Happy Happy buffday to you!!!! Enjoy your day! (Dont do anything we all wouldn't do:whistling::whistling:)

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    Have a lovely birthday Choc-don't do anything i wouldn't do!

    Hey don't say that! - I booked us a swanky hotel especially as choccy's birthday present:w00t:


    Hope you have a fantastic day.:thumbsup:

    Oh and thanks again for last night..... It was interesting to see it :thumbsup:

    Aww Happy Birthday Choc, Hope u have a fab day x x

    Happy Birthday have a good one


    happy birthday choc!!!

    Happy Birthday to you. :thumbsup:


    Happy Birthday Choc xxx

    happy birthday choc, ill pay at take u to adriana limas wedding!

    [COLOR="Magenta"][SIZE="4"]happy birthday lovely lady xx [/SIZE][/COLOR]

    [SIZE="6"][COLOR="DeepSkyBlue"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Happy Birthday Choc[/FONT][/COLOR][/SIZE];-)

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    Looks like I'm gonna miss you choc - I'll be out all day.

    Have a good one and get loads of prezzies.

    p.s. don't forget the lil dress ;-)

    Happy Birthday Choc


    Thank you guys and gals, what a great day to be celebrating my birthday, the fireworks are still just for me though lol :thumbsup:

    happy birthday have a gd one

    [COLOR="DarkOrchid"][FONT="Arial Black"][SIZE="4"]To One on the Sweetest and Nicest HUKD'ers[/SIZE][/FONT][/COLOR]

    [FONT="Comic Sans MS"][COLOR="Sienna"][SIZE="6"]CHOC1969[/SIZE][/COLOR][/FONT]

    Happy Birthday, one of the most helpful members on here, have a good one honey x x


    Happy Birthday to a great HUKDer x x

    Happy Birthday honey xx[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]

    [COLOR="Red"]Happy Birthday hun! XXX[/COLOR]:friends:[/IMG]

    [SIZE="4"]happy[/SIZE] [SIZE="5"][COLOR="Red"]..wanna see my selection box.. [/COLOR][/SIZE][SIZE="4"]day[/SIZE]

    Thanks again guys, have had a really lovely day. Really pooped now and full of food but still got a strawberry mille feuille to nosh on :-D


    sorry im a little late, but happy birthday and hope you had a lurvely day xx

    Hope you had great birthday!!! i was nearly born today ! but mum held out a few more hours till tomorrow! lol
    Hope you kept us all some cake!

    hope you had a lovely birthday..... to an absolutely lovely lady :-D

    happy birthday to another lovely lady for tomorrow- pcnutta....... hope you have a fab day hun xxx

    happy birthday

    yay happy birthday!!
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