And u



    (: Whee!

    Happy New Year Everyone!

    happy new decade

    Happy New Year

    happy new year

    :-D Hope its a good one!!!

    happy new year
    im slightly pea eyed lol:thumb:w00t:

    Have A Great ONE ! :thumbsup:

    Have a good one

    have a great one everyone

    Happy new year fellow HUKDers xxx

    best of luck to everyone


    happy new year HUKDERS

    I hope these threads get merged together. I don't like you all enough to wish you individually a Happy New Year. If you miss out, it's your own fault. Happy New Year ;-)

    right back at ya hope you all have a great year


    happy new year

    HAppy new year to all. :w00t:

    Happy 17.5 VAT again.:)

    And goodbye no stamp duty up to 175k.

    Happy noo year all.


    happy new year everyone

    Happy New Year...may we all stick to our New Year's resolutions!
    Mine is to be more organised!

    Ring out the grief that saps the mind.
    For those that here we see no more;
    Ring out the feud of rich and poor;
    Ring in redress of all mankind.
    Ring out a slowly dying cause,
    And ancient forms of party strife;
    Ring in the nobler modes of life,
    With sweeter manner, purer laws.

    -- "New Year's Eve'' a poem written by Lord Tennyson, 1850


    Ring out the grief that saps the mind.For those that here we see no … Ring out the grief that saps the mind.For those that here we see no more;Ring out the feud of rich and poor;Ring in redress of all mankind.Ring out a slowly dying cause,And ancient forms of party strife;Ring in the nobler modes of life,With sweeter manner, purer laws.-- "New Year's Eve'' a poem written by Lord Tennyson, 1850

    That's lovely Rizla

    Thanks B.O.T.

    As meaningful today as 160 years ago.

    And probably more so!

    best of luck!

    Indeed a merry new year to you all, I hope everyone has had a jolly good evening!
    I ushered in my new year with my family followed by a 5 mile run around the countryside,looking at the moon, the stars contemplating 2009 and thinking about what i want to do in 2010, where im going to be at the end of it and how i'm going to get there.

    Here's to a good one.

    Happy new decade n stuff!!

    LOVEEE YASS!!!!! =D! Happy new year

    Bah Humbug....................................

    Happy New Year everyone

    Apologies..............i'm a bit pickled!!

    Happy new Year :-D


    happy new year HUKDERS

    When I first read that I thought you were being rude but when I covered one eye up I realised what it actually said.... :oops: Oh well, time to drink myself sober, more drink, Happy New Year! :thumbsup:
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