Happy St. Paddy's day

    The day when everyone with Irish blood feels proud to be part of this little island, and those that aren't lucky enough to be touched with the Green look on with envy. Beannacht Lá Fhéile Pádraig


    The day when every idiot gets sozzled, wears a stupid hat, and puts on their fake Irish accent.

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    No need for a fake accent if your blessed enough to be from here. Proud that so many people around the World feel an affinity to here. Erin Go Bragh

    Don't kid yourself, most people just use it as an excuse to go out on the lash!


    No reason to be proud of being Irish at the moment.


    To celebrate, people on here should declare themselves bankrupt and go crawling to a neighbour for a loan.

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    There is a global recession on you know. No reason why we can't forget out worries and go on the rip

    No recession at mines, and no need to fake the accent here either, will be terribly drunk soon, many thanks

    Have a good one Jonny boyo (_;)
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