Happy Wedding Day PCNUTTA (for tomorrow!)

Found 30th Apr 2009
edit: realised its friday shes getting married...o well at least she gets to read the msgs before her big day....doubt she'll be on on her wedding day!

have a awesome day hun x

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I thought that coz she put thread up last night saying she's getting married tomorrow but it was abou 1am :thumbsup:

LOL magicbeans, she's getting married tomorrow not today but congratulations for tomorrow pcnutta and I hope the weather stays good for you.:)



Oo... very many Congrats and best wishes for tomorrow PCN



Oo... very many Congrats and best wishes for tomorrow PCN :)xxxx

+1. Enjoy your BIG DAY.

Have a great day and enjoy it mate :thumbsup:
I wish you both all the happiness in the world

have a wonderful day and congrats to you both
married life is a journey, i hope you travel well together and live a happy wonderful life together

Yes, congrats pcnutta! Hope you have the most wonderful day! Rain? Who cares!!

congratulations - have a wonderful day

Congrats PC hope it's a good one and you don't get that predicted rain :thumbsup:

Many, many congrats, best of wishes for the future and enjoy your day xxx


awww wow thats come round quick, enjoy your day tomorrow hun, bet shes running round like a headless chicken today xx

Have a wonderful day!


Have a fabulous start to the rest of your life together x


Good luck. It's entirely possible it will last.

good luck and i hope you both have a great day and wonderful life together enjoy :thumbsup::)


Hope you have a life time of happiness together xxx

I hope PCnutta manages to get the creases out of her bridesmaid dresses and she has a magical day and an even better honeymoon.


have a great day! save us some cake!

i am glad the sun has been shining so its a good day for it hope you,s are all having fun :thumbsup:

enjoy ya noodle tonight

good luck sweetie. happy wedding day and an even happier marriage x x


Hope all goes well for you :thumbsup:

Congratulations to you both xx



enjoy ya noodle tonight

lol + 1 :-D
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