Happy Wednesday guys!

    Just thought I would wish you all a very happy Wednesday!
    Been reading the threads tonight and there seems to be a lot of people on a bit of a downer.
    Cheer up guys lol!


    lol!happy wednesday!!

    Caturday>>>>>>any other day.

    brb playing gta.

    Urgh, Wednesday is my first day back on dayshift which will be a fun as ever I'm sure! And need to get my car tax sorted out rather promptly as well.

    However on the positive side my new headphones should hopefully arrive after months of deliberation.


    im gonna commit suicide!!!!!!!!!


    im gonna commit suicide!!!!!!!!!

    'k. Try not to make a mess.

    brb trying to buy GTA b4 i commit

    black gerbil1;1996352

    Caturday>>>>>>any other day.brb playing gta.

    If i come across another post with your 'brb playing gta' or 'Caturday' phrase I will, as you have clearly intended, be inclined to go nuts..... like many others. Despite this torment hopefully I will see Wednesday through, so have a good one all :).

    Just set him to ignore - much easier

    Why does BSG always have a big cliff-hanger forcing me to watch the next one when I'm supposed to be going to bed?



    hahaha well illustrated!

    All a bit mysterious and spooky to me......:whistling:

    im happy

    best gf ever

    finally getting into money

    new job



    All a bit mysterious and spooky to me......:whistling:

    hehehe..That's Wednesday from the Adam's family, and she's happy cos she has her favourite toy, a headless doll named Marie Antoinette. ;-)

    Happy Wednesday, would feel better if the sun was shining

    Not a happy wednesday yet for me, I'm waiting for my partners wages to be paid in to his bank!

    Cheers for later!!!!

    and for those on a downer..........

    Original Poster


    im happybest gf everfinally getting into moneynew job woooooop!

    Ah bless, glad to see someones happy :thumbsup:
    What a sweetie you are sh0rtie

    good for u shorty.....

    but OP was wondering...who is on the downers?! everyone seems a-ok ... have i missed something?!

    haha...and loving balck gerbils brb gta posts! they rock!!! even repped him on it!

    Original Poster

    Was on here about 12.30 am and every thread I looked at had members arguing, whinging and feeling sorry for themselves.
    Just thought I'd lighten the mood lol!

    ahh i see....! arent u sweet!! awwwwwwww...

    Original Poster


    ahh i see....! arent u sweet!! awwwwwwww...

    awwwww thanks magicbeans :oops:
    You're quite a sweetie yourself ;-)
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