Harajuku Lovers Fragrance 30ml barcodes

    Cheeky question, has anyone bought one of these new perfumes and is not interested in collecting all 5 to get the free gift? If so, would anyone be willing to give me the barcode number from the underneath of their box so I can put it with mine to try for the gift? Theres only a 1000 available even if you have collected 5 barcodes so if you're not going to use yours I'd really appreciate it to have a go Rep for your trouble x x x


    Just go in boots and slip them a fiver for a look at the boxes. ;-) :lol:

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    Just go in boots and slip them a fiver for a look at the boxes. ;-) :lol:

    Haha, tried to peek today but a lot of them are putting their own price labels over them - damn them for not allowing me to cheat!

    If you dont mind me asking what is the gift? i purchased one from debenhams and they were all on the shelf didnt think to look at the barcodes! oh well

    the gift is a globe for all of your dolls to live in, i believe... if anyone has spare barcodes and leopardspots doesn't need them I'd gratefully take them off your hand., By the way i think superdrug haven't clocked onto the whole sticker/barcode thing so I'll be in there with my camera phone tomorrow! hehe

    if anyone would like the codes pm me

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