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hi everyone,

going on hols in june and need to splash on some new luggage. I like the look of the hard case ones and would like good quality ones so they will last. I would like something a bit different- i remember debenhams had some lovely pink ones i think by tripp but i presume they would be out of my price range. i need a large case and a small one that i could take on as hand luggage- budget would be under £100 for the 2.

any ideas what ranges or stores would be within my budget? Thanks x


ive heard these cases break really easily, you might be better of getting the normal cases

My brother used to be a Baggage Handler at Manchester Airport, and when any of them ever saw a Hard Cased one a la Samsonite or Antler, it was always seen as a challenge to see how much abuse it could take!!!!

The only other downside is the physical weight of the things - with more and more Airlines reducing luggage allowance it means you can take less!!!!

I have been using Holdalls recently and are much better than a suitcase, and you can get one's with wheels and handles as well like this: -


Hi Petal, just thought I would say and recomend Carlton suitcases.
I have had my set a few years.
Red large and a smaller case, matching vanety case. The outside is hard plastic. Inside - 2x side pockets and in the lid area 2x travel coat hangers on a hook bit.
I also have a large blue Carlton suitcase (family of 5)
My cases have been on quite a few coaches, ships and planes as we all travel around. Theese cases have small handles on the side for pulling along on wheels. If I was looking for new cases (I am not) I would prehaps choose the ones with an extended pull out handle that a cabin bag would fit on the top.
Happy Holidays....:thumbsup:

Glad we don't travel from Manchester then! We fly from London Gatwick, and will be next month! The cases have just returned from Spain and in the Autumn will be going to USA.

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thanks everyone for the quick replies, rep is added. Its given me a lot to think about- it never occured to me about the extra weight! At least i still have 8 weeks to go so plenty enough time to find what i want. Thanks again everyone x

my sister had a small hard case which was sompletly smashed by handlers in Monastir airport (tunisia). i would say best place to buy cases is in the samsonite shop in cheshire oaks thay are about half the price there
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