Hard Discs.....cheapest around?

    Hi there

    Im looking for some serious storage - looking to get about 3-4 x 300gb hdds for a home server/network.

    I'd prefer them to be ATA rather than SATA (so i dont need to buy another controller).

    Anyone know anywhere selling some high quality 300gb+ drives?




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    Thanks schizoboy. Does anyone know which drives react worse to heat. Im planning on making a quietish box for the server (one that doesnt sound like a jet engine!) and could use some guidance on which drives people beleive react better to heat. Im sure I read somewhere that maxtors hate heat.....


    Western Digital are quiet and seem to cope with the heat well. I agree Maxtor's don't like the heat [at least one of the older models I had didn't].

    I have 3 x samsung spinspoints, I've had them in my server case running non stop now for about 6 months, they are very silent and there is no fan blowing on them, they seem to run pretty cool. and they did very well in all the magazine reviews. (they make SATA and IDE ATA versions)…582

    For the price, your damm hard to find anything that touches these.

    I've always used maxtor drives in the past, but decided to give these babies a test drive

    That Seagate and my WD suggestion both 22p/gb price wise, but the WD is sata future proofing it whereas that Seagate is IDE, I suspect both are end of the line production items as IDE is being phased out and 320gbs is the norm @ that range, so don't hesitate
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