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    help i need a new hard drive for my desk top pc but i have not got a clue what im looking for i want a large on but can someone help, do i have to get one thats the same or can i buy a diff make


    before buying you have to make sure if your PC can take SATA or IDE connections

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    thanks for that how do i find that out sata or ide lol

    you using xp or vista windows 7

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    windows 7

    start,controlpanel,hardware and sound,device manger then it should be listed under disk drives

    do you mean an internal one or a portable usb one (I'm guessing an external but the replies seem to be for an internal)

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    the one you put inside

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    another thing i cant get my pc on has it wwont load up to windows so i dont know how i am going to find out which one it is

    can you not get it out and have a look on the sticker make sure all power is disconnected first and you have grounded yourself for static.

    if you open up your PC tower check if the connectors on the hard drive look like the top image then its a IDE if its the second picture then you need sata connection. If you adding a hard drive (not replacing) make sure you have a spare connector on your motherboard...


    How new is your computer?? Because most computers from 2003/4 and upwards have a SATA connection as well as IDE!!
    Check your computer and if it had both then get a sata!!
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