Hard drive advice needed

    I've just dragged my 8 year-old computer out from the loft today - this model…spx?CatID={38969aac-0e05-4ec4-8b12-4f9a15ef241d}&ID={a7e10f8a-be78-41c1-b6f7-8ea4cd988fe2}
    It currently has a Maxtor 2B020H1 Quantum Fireball 541DX 5400rpm 20GB Ultra ATA/100 hard drive installed. I would like to upgrade this for obvious reasons but stumped as to which to buy. Any suggestions would be great!

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    specify a budget and it's easier. but that for £35 would do the trick. 8 times the capacity, decent cache, and runs at a faster spin cycle so it'll be quicker

    Tho what would you run on it ? Windows 98 ?

    Win 98 SE. Best OS Microsoft ever released :thumbsup:


    i loved win 98!


    Win 98 SE. Best OS Microsoft ever released :thumbsup:

    Not from a support point of view :?

    Windows 2000 worked for me. Took all the best bits from NT and fixed it's problems. My PC ran it for 7 years and didn't crash once

    I would not go for a large hard disk, if it is 8 years old there may be a limit in the BIOS at how big the hard disk can be.

    The 160Gb that has been pointed out may be OK.


    Win 98 SE. Best OS Microsoft ever released :thumbsup:

    Microsoft had two main development "paths" for their operating systems.

    The "DOS" path started with the early releases of Windows and went through Windows 95, 98 and ME and then stopped at ME. These were all really just a fancy user interface patched on top of the old DOS operating system.

    The "NT" path started with Windows NT then all future versions of Windows sprang from that - Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server etc. and even Windows Vista (with much new development)

    To be honest the 95/98/ME path were not great operating systems and could eaily crash, there was almost no security, and programs were not "protected", so one bad performing program could bring the whole of Windows down.

    Windows NT (then 2000 and XP) were proper multi taking, multi threaded operating systems where each running program was "protected" from the others so one bad program could not bring Windows down. Security was also much tighter than on the "DOS" based versions of Windows.

    Windows NT and 2000 were aimed pretty squarely at the business market so did not appeal to the home user (nor were priced for them either).

    I happen to think that Windows XP takes some beating. A nice blend of features for home users as well as business users.

    Vista has gone too far, and is a classic example of trying to add too much to an operating system to make it all things for all men (and women).

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    sorry - forgot to mention specifics
    willing to spend around £30 ish and I will run Ubuntu or Puppy Linux on it
    thanks for the help!
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