hard drive boot and XP?

    Sorry if this is a dumb question, but is there any way I can install xp onto an external hard drive (usb 2) and run my pc this way?:?


    Im having a guess,but when you boot up (with xp cd in) you should get something saying ,Run from Cd or somthing like that.
    Maybe there is something in there where you can choose to install it on.
    I know from in there you can install it on seperate Hard Drive, but not sure about a external

    hope this helps,

    (probley not tho)

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    thanks add-man

    ]http//ww…et/ - instructions are for a USB pen drive, but it's the same principal.

    just hit with a hummer m8 ..... it always works for me lol


    just hit with a hummer m8 ..... it always works for me lol

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    thanks megalo.. just had a look at that page, do I take it that when it says

    "At the main PE Builder dialog, select the "Burn to CD/DVD" option. When you are using an erasable medium, make sure that the "AutoErase RW" option is enabled. The "burn using" option should be set to "StarBurn". Select your CD writer device from the Device list."

    I choose my xternal hd instead?
    many thanks


    Beat me to it...

    Although I had this one in mind.

    They're the PE builder instructions right? You should just be able to follow what's on the Toms hardware pages and ignore that.

    Alternatively if you fancy something a little more challenging here's how to do it manually: ]http//ww…176
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