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Found 4th Oct 2017
Hi all
Anyone know of any free Hard drive clone software.

I will need to clone to a SSD drive in a usb enclosure from my laptop that I am using.

Using Windows 10 pro.
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Always check the Solid State Drive manufacturer for free software, as usually the companies provide basic cloning or ghost applications to ensure a smooth transition for the consumer. This way less errors or issues occur, particular as the manufacturer can provide simple instructions for that software.
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Have used both EaseUS ToDO Backup free and macrium reflect free before now - think I remember the former being easier than that latter but neither very hard and plenty of how to's in google with both
r drive is good easy to use
Thanks givin macrium reflect a go
markvirgo41 m ago

Thanks givin macrium reflect a go

Correct choice. I tested many, found this to be best.
I use Casper
Best cloning software is Aomei backupper. The only reason people use Macrium is because they don't know about Aomei. Aomei straight up clones your HDD i.e if you got 2TB HDD with just your OS --> 60GB SSD, it will clone it without you having to resize any partitions.
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Ran into a bit of an issue, I had two laptops the first a old dell that I had fitted a ssd in to speed it up and a newer but out of warranty MSI laptop.

I have been having some issues with MSI laptop (Win 10 pro) crashing when on the net and going slow so I knew there was an issue.

I decided to replace the SSD in the old dell laptop and cloned the drive and all went well so i swapped the ssd with a old hdd I had and it is working OK.

I then moved onto cloning the MSI hdd onto the ssd but it kept failing. I ran a hdd check and it failed so hdd is on its way out.

So I will have to reinstall onto the ssd for the MSI laptop from a fresh disk install which I could do without.
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