Hard Drive Cooler

    Hey all,

    So I currently have 5 internal 3.5" HDD's in my PC and was wondering if it may be an idea to invest in a HDD cooler..

    I've never had one before but obviously dont want any of the 1.76TB's worth of data to go missing!

    Any suggestions? I have I think a 3.5" bay free and a few 5.25" bays free.

    Have the following configuration in my case if it helps:

    5.25" Optical
    MOBO Free
    3.5" 40GB IDE
    3.5" 250 GB Sata
    3.5" 320 GB Sata
    3.5" 400 GB Sata
    3.5" 750 GB Sata

    Ive been looking around at the different kinds and there are some that sit above the Drives and some that seem to be like enclosures (but I dont understand how they would then fit in the machine?)

    Any help would be appreciated...

    Thanks :-)


    Saw a recent published survey completed by manufacturers and apparently overheating on hdds is pretty rare and not a major cause of failure as they first thought, just make sure they are not laid one on top of another with no space.
    As for losing all that data, it IS going to happen, back up and be ready

    Original Poster

    Thanks maddogb, unfortunately because I have 5 HDD's and only 6 bays all but 2 of them are next to one another!

    However I have put the largest (samsung 750GB) at the bottom with a gap above it ..

    I suppose I will have to look at doubling up data or spending on an external .. cheers


    I used them and found that they work ok, but after time, the fan just collects dust and deposits it on the hard drive controller.
    Your better off with a big fan with mesh in the side of the case (25cm) & cleaning it regularly IMO.

    Hope it helps


    As for losing all that data, it IS going to happen, back up and be ready

    Yes, it is going to happen. The only way to protect against it is to have two copies, preferably not connected and ideally in different locations.

    Invest in a bigger case with more space so you can do as maddog suggests. Also if you get a bigger case that is considered enthusiast more than likely they will have some sort of active cooling in place already.

    For example:…e=7

    Either invest in a bigger case or think about investing in 2 x 1TB drives and put your 1.76TB's of data on two and space them apart?!

    Regarding data loss, Buy 4 x 1TB drives and set it up on RAID 1.
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