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    M8 has a 1000 gig hard drive (sata) which is less then 6 months old

    today it started making a tapping sound (pc shop told him the ball bearings have gone and offered him a new version of the same harddrive)

    the thing is he has lost all the data on his hard drive (when he plugs it in the hard drive makes the weird noise etc but thats it )

    the thing is i am sure we all understand that @ sometime we lose data etc and we learn to back up and move on, but on his hard drive he has pictures of his daughter (who passed away not long ago) so the data on this harddrive means the world to him

    he was told by the pc shop there is a way to take the hard drive apart and swap the internal disk over with the new workign hard drive, anyone no if this is true ?

    does anyone no on a hard drive this size what data recovery will cost, as i am going to get it done if need be,

    any help or ideas would be great


    yes its true, but under air tight, dust free conditions, not in your local pc shop on a desk

    You will be talking into hundreds for the data recovery service, but worth it if the photo's get recovered as they are so precious to the guy.

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    thanks for all the reply's will leave rep ASAP, i geuss the safest way is to pay for it to be looked @ as if we try the freezer trick and it fails i wonder if that will make it harder for a paid company to find the data

    I tried the freezer trick after my sister knocked my external HDD of the table, no good im afraid (not for me at least)

    Is the hard drive still allowing access or does the bios still recognise the drive as being attached? Just because the bearings are dodgy doesn't mean you can't get any data off the drive. I've done loads of data recovery including managing to get nearly 90% of data off a drive that Dell certified as dead due to an "electrical" problem. A consultancy I freelance for has a lot of experience in getting data from failed disks.
    If all else fails you can take it to a professional data recovery place who can recover the raw data from the disk surface in a lab, but that is very expensive.

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    the hard drive when plugged into the pc via sata cable or usb external shows on the pc as nothing being plugged in @ all, could the bios still see it as plugged in ?

    Just my 2 cents... the best recovery software I have used is called 'Recuva' and a bonus's freeware

    If you can get a machine to recognise the drive (after freeze method maybe) give Recuva a try and also there is a a good list of freeware recovery utilities on ubcd4win…htm scroll down to the File Recovery section for program details.

    If you fail with the software then try here. If they fail to get your data they don't charge you so you have not lost anything. Also a fixed quote so you will know the cost before you do anything.


    Wow just read it back I should work for them! lol
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