Found 9th Dec 2006
Sorry if im in the wrong section.
I recently bought a network drive and i was just wandering

what is the best way of tranferring files from hard drive to this external drive.

is it cut and paste?


PS - Sorry if im in the wrong section


pretty much - drag and drop, or the backup software of your choice (maybe the drive came with some?)

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Wouldnt drag and drop take forever if its big files
i have tried to cut and paste but it seems to take long as i have bout 20g to transfer

If you wanted to transfer the whole internal hard drive to the external one you could use Norton Ghost or such imaging software. If you just want selected files from internal to external then using the Search function may speed things up. Lets say you wanted all MP3's removed from internal to external hard drive you could use the expression *.mp3 (means = all mp3's) then used Edit from the menu, select all, cut and paste into new drive. Only problem using such a method to transfer files you will loose your file structure since it will not include the folders the mp3's may have been in.
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