Hard drive help please.

    Hi, I think the HD on my easy note LJ61 has died. The laptop will turn on but the screens blank and the HD doesn't appear to kick in. The batteries fine - laptop gets power from mains without the battery on so kinda think the HA is fried. No back up made - I only use it for browsing and nothings really stored on it. The HD is a WD3200bevt. Kinda need to know how to replace it. By that I mean the OS. There are no discs/CDs with the laptop - bought new and none came with it. It has/had vista on it. If I buy a new HD and one of the new sata readers can I drag and drop from old drive onto a desktop pc, then load new HD into the reader and drag and drop back?!? Or isn't it as easy as that.... Thanks, D.

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    If the existing hard drive is physically failed then you won't be able to access it I'm afraid.

    Which specific version of the Windows Vista did you have installed on it?

    Do you have any family members, friends or work colleagues (perhaps the IT department at your work) that you could get a copy of the Vista installation DVD?
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