Hard drive not spinning

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Found 21st Apr 2008
i have a external 2.5" hard drive in a enclosure that has stopped spinning. it is also not detected by the computer. anyone know how to fix it? the enclosure 100% works as i have tried another hard drive in it.


try a different power supply or cable

check all pibs to the hard drive (if ide) are in properly and that u havent by accent removved the slave/master pin

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yes its IDE and no pins are removed also, tries lots of differnet cables and computer

Is it possible to try the hard drive out on another computer? If it doesn't work on that then the hard drive is dead. If it does work then it's most likely to be the connection between the hard drive & the enclosure, but at the hard drive end.

Try using spin right.

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Try using spin right.

is that a software?
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