Hard drive on it's way out?

Found 3rd Aug
I've just bought a refurbished Dell SFF pc and paid extra for a 1tb hard drive.

The pc hasn't any real sign of refurbishment other than it's dust free.

My question is, is the hard drive on it's way out? The only symptom it has is a regular muffled knocking noise, and that seems a tad unusual to me.

I've run a disk check and it says there are no issues.

Anyone tech experts come across this before? Could this indicate an issue?
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Checkdisk can do a good job.. I've found other 3rd party software to check "bad blocks" and it had found the disk faulty. Try hdtune.com/dow…tml and locate the "error scan" tab .. It will not delete (I hope) files.. just check them more in depth from chkdsk.

We can tell at work if a disk is on it's way out.. but it's more of a ticking noise.. high pitched.
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Any Hard Drive that knocks isnt how it should be, you could try a Full Defrag but I doubt whether it will help, could last for 5 years or could fall over tomorrow, who knows, but thats why we back up !, right.
I think crystal disk hd reports smart settings which might help. Unfortunately some drives are noisy clunkers even from new. Check online to see if this is common.
Hope you didn’t pay more than this for it scan.co.uk/pro…hdd
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