Hard Drive Partitions?

    I have c: with xp on and its FAT32 and D: with nothing on and its NTFS.
    Ihave tried converting D: to FAT32 but I still couldnt merge them with Norton PARTITIONMAGIC.
    Should I convert C: to NTFS?
    Will it delete all my files?


    yes, AFAIK
    whay dont you back it up first?
    you can also try use the default windows disk management

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    so it will delete them?

    i don't think it will delete the files. however you still want to make sure and backup important data.

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    Hmm :s

    why do you want to merge them. usually quite prudent to have data on one partition (in your case 'D') and the O.S on a different partition (i.e. 'C'). That way, when windows goes belly up, you can reinstall it without having to worry about transferring/baking up your data....

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    That is true
    Cheers lol never thought of that!


    AFAIK?so it will delete them?

    lol ... As Far As I Know

    i think it'll delete the data as its kinda formatting the drive

    You should be quite safe CONVERTING C: to NTFS.
    It is not supposed to delete your files.
    Obviously if you format to NTFS then you will lose your files.

    But before you do anything.....BACKUP your C: drive.

    I'd make a good backup before even considering to attempt to merge the partitions to be honest, I've had PM crash once before mid-process and it pretty much FUBARed what was on the hard disc.

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    Not doing it now but thanks everyone!
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