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    I have an old hard drive connected up to my new computer via a Hard Drive Caddy. It's something I've had for a while, but only recently started to try and explore it and find out what goodies I had on there. Then delete what I didn't want it and use it as a single space for storing photos on.

    However, Microsoft (Grrr) keeps asking me to grant permissions for access for each folder, and denying me access to things and security alerts galore. Sometimes, a few clicks I can get around them but others I can't.

    Why is this, and how can I turn off all these permissions for the entire Hard Drive?


    Use a linux live cd to boot from its much easier as otherwise you have to right click each file in turn to grant permissions for them all! This way you should be able to copy files from one drive to another.

    Otherwise follow this guide to the letter, make sure you read and re-read before following the steps…421

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    Thanks. Is it the same instructions in Vista as I am?

    From recollection its this method i used to nosey through the hard drive of a dead laptop I bought for breaking up using a Vista machine before I upgraded to XP Pro, since been told using a live linux cd is much easier.

    that's one of the annoying thing you get with vista UAC. I've done it before with my external hdd but I can't remember exactly the procedures. IIRC from my computer, you right click the external hdd then properties, under the security tab, edit, allow permissions for system, admin, and users. this should get rid of all those pop ups asking for permissions for that hdd.
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