Hard Drive question!

    I have 2 computers but the one downstairs is running really slowly and the one upstairs (my one) is faster and they both have similar specs.

    Can I swap my hard drive with the one downstairs so that the faster computer runs the downstairs hard drive with all the original files, user names etc?



    It won't have the drivers and stuff if you swap it.


    Why dont you try.

    You can but unless they have the same hardware which ever operating sytemn you have will have to adjust to the hardware changes

    You can only really do this if you have the same motherboard and even then it is not recommended as unless everything is exactly the same it may corrupt the windows install. The better bet would be to just use and external Hdd drive to move the files you want over to the required PC.

    errr .. dont do it.

    How do you know that it's the hard drive at fault?


    They never said it was, they just want the main PC to be the fastest one.

    I see. :thumbsup:

    best thing get a ultily tool like boostspeed to check how much stuff/crap is lurking on the pc

    Swapping hard drives is very hit and miss as in some cases you can have two very similar machines that won't work with the drives swapped and in other cases you can have two which seem more distant but work fine when swapped over.

    I think it's worth spending some time working out why one drive is running slowly as there's a few standard checks you can make which can highlight the causes.


    Check the drive for errors . check its running in DMA just Co's windows says it is does not mean that it is. Get an hdd benchmark tool like hdtach…ach run the tests and look at read speeds and compare with similar drives in the drop down.

    If you get terrible speeds then check in bios that it's using UDMA if it is then in windows remove the controller from device manager and let windows pick up your hardware again.

    Defrag drive.…72/

    If it has just started running slowly a OS reinstall will likely improve matters.
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