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Found 18th Sep 2017

I have got 2 x 4TB hard drives and I am wondering if someone could tell me the best way to set them up. In addition I have a 250GB SSD which I use for my OS and programs.

The two HDD I have are:

1.Seagate Barracuda ST4000DM005
2. Toshiba N300 NAS Hard Drive

I intend to use one of these to store all my games and media and the other one to backup all my games and media. However, I was wondering what hard drive I should use for what task?

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Use the bad drive to backup the media!!
Original Poster
By bad drive are you refering to the Seagate?
Best setting the 2 larger drives as RAID1 or mirrored, that way if one fails then you still have all your data and you will just need to replace the failed drive, see here:

Original Poster
I'm not a fan of using RAID.

With regards to the original question, would appreciate an answer please
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