Hard Drive Upgrade Problems

    I am trying to upgrade my harddrive on my FS amilo m 1437g laptop. I have already upgraded once from my original 60gb to 160gb. I recently bought one that had 320gb space and when i attached it and tried to install xp using the recovery CD, i got a message saying that no hard drive had been recognised.

    My laptop supports SATA drives and is definantly not being recognised. I compared one drive i bought from that failed and was listed as SATA had an extra connector port on it that i thought may be the problem.

    Not sure what to do, SATA is definantly the one my laptop supports...any ideas???


    Have you partitioned the drive??

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    thing is the new drive is not being recognised by my laptop at all, so i can't partition it

    If its a recovery CD its designed to be wrote over a existing installation which would already have the drive partitioned and formatted so because its a bare metal drive it wont be seen till the partition is created you will need a copy of XP or some other utility to prepare the drive.

    Unless you have a copy of XP or vista you are going to need 3rd party tools to perform this operation so you can then at least boot to a command line to use the format tool or Fdisk you would find it easy if you have XP if you haven't i suggest you go to the HDD manufacturers web site as there will be free tools that you use to create the partition or test if its faulty.

    check pin settings on HDD - unsure if HDD is IDE based or SATA based.

    IDE uses MASTER/SLAVE jumpers and if the BIOS is expecting only a master and the slave disabled, your drive will not be recognised.

    check on the rear of the HDD for the letters
    (Slave/Master/Cable Select)
    and make sure the shorting pin is on master or cable select (prefrably master though!)

    All this advice is junk if you have sata as it's all bios controlled.

    i'm rambling... that should be enough to be getting on with!


    check if the bios is recognizing the drive

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    ok thanks for the advice, i will take it into account, hopefully it works...will leave rep
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