Hard iPhone Case

    I seem to remember someone posting a few weeks ago about a hard iPhone case but they were having trouble getting hold of one.....

    Does this refresh anyone's memory enough for them to point me in the direction of these such cases? I'm sorry to be so vague, I can't remember the name or anything, think that's what having a 7 month old baby in the house does to you......

    Thanks in advance for any assistance....


    Original Poster

    Not sure if it was that one i was thinking of, the one i saw was available in a red patent finish. Thanks for looking though!

    Try TK Max I bought hard case for IPhone on Fri its black leather has the hard cover for front of it, was £4.99. They also had IPod covers too.

    I just bought one of these on ebay only cost 99p delivered. It's from china but i've bought from them before and it was delivered within 5 to 7 days. They've got other colours to. (Item number 180374345119)
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