Hard or soft shell suitcase?

Posted 5th Jan
What’s people’s opinion on hard/soft case suitcases? I am after a large suitcase (>90L). Weight, packing convenience, durability are all key. (I’m not too worried about the fashion side of things.)
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Hard and put some "Fragile" stickers on it, so it doesn't (hopefully) get thrown about.
Plus it might go on top of a pile of cases. Thus crushing all those Soft Cell cases beneath it
- What you can control: Weight, packing convenience,
- What you cannot control: durability. There are many people who live under a rock and are not aware what is the norm in handling a luggage by the airport workers.

In conclusion,
- do you want to transport more weight, go for soft ones
- do you want more protection for you goods inside the suitcase, go for hard ones

Avoid buying a suitcase just to be ...how you call it ? "posh" (hold me no to puke) and then cry when finding scratches on your precious; no matter how "carefully" the workers try to be, you are not the only passenger and the schedule is tight.
weight < = soft
packing conveniece = soft
durability = hard
Never had any problems with the soft expanding ones. Always put suncream etc in the front too, nothing ever leaked etc..
If your that way out being bothered about stuff getting damaged just check in late. Your suitcase should be last on and then one of the first off
I'd avoid the really really cheap ones.
I have been using my "the worlds litest" ones for years. The ones with 4 wheels on the bottom. Really impressed with the build quality, they have been all over in the UK and abroad and not had a thing to grumble about with them. I got them in B&m a good 5yr ago.

Tbh I'm surprised the zips haven't gone, stitching bust or wheels been knocked off.
I have the soft IT ones. Got them in Matalan sale for £9 each and they have been on many trips. I once bought a very expensive hard shell Antler case. It was so heavy before I even put my stuff in it and first trip was to Canada it came out of the hold with the corner bashed in. I think the handlers see them as a challenge and do their best to break them!
Soft ones are lasting longer than the hard ones in my house.
Soft fabric ones best don’t buy hard plastic ones as inconsiderate baggage handlers will throw them about seeing who can damage it the most.
Mine are from Tripp bought in he sale at Debenhams, hard shell medium went to Canada with no issue slot shell large went to Greece fine too. Would recommend them
zaheer200305/01/2020 20:05

weight < = softpacking conveniece = softdurability = hard

My quiksilver wheelie luggage is 19 years old & has travelled extensively with me multiple times per year ..the only thing showing its age is a buckle to transform it to an airport dash rucksack. ..recommended.
(Also borrowed by my wife & daughter when not travelling together).

& Finally this year on the basis of that longevity I bought a second hand small quiksilver case on wheelie case (for easyjet).
We also have a big dakine split roller that is 15 years old for long haul epics.. Both pretty solid affordable brands that do well long term imho, compression straps are always handy to have to securely pack more fragile kit that has been well surrounded.
Don’t buy into Samsonite. 3 long haul flights and the gold decorative had peeled off and corners were bent in
I had a semi-soft it brand case and the wheels jammed up after two uses. My much more expensive Samsonite seems to be far more reliable.
Have a gander at what the flight crew use...............
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