"Hard" Soldering (Silver soldering?) on EPNS? I need to fix something!

Found 12th Dec 2012
I have an old silvered teapot (EPNS). The small panel at the top to which the lid hinge attaches has come loose. I believe it is "hard soldered" and I wondered if it can be fixed? It is made by Viners.

Is Hard Solder the same as Silver Solder? Is that something that a local jewellers might do, or is something like this a bit big or specialised for them? Or would it need to have been soldered before plating?

Thanks for any help!
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It refers to he temperature. To hard solder you'll need an iron that can do 740 °C.
...which most electric irons won't, but most hand-held gas irons and torches will. And you will need the correct solder!
Thx guys! I'm quite familiar with soft soldering, and done a little brass soldering in my time too, but this is new to me.

I spoke to a local trophy specialist (struck me trophies were about the same size and materials!) and they said that this stuff is quite tricky. Basically you have to clean and then hard solder (with a flame and specialist solder, etc, as you guys have said). The end result will be solid but very tarnished. So it's then a thorough clean and re-plating to get it looking right. All very involved and quite specialist - i.e. just like the company that Mark suggested above!

It's an old teapot and quite worn so I suspect the easiest thing might be to try and find a replacement on e-bay!

Many thanks for the input!
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