Hardwood flooring help please!

    I'm looking for oak hardwood flooring for a flat I have just bought and will be moving into in the next month. I want it for the kichen/living area (10m x 5m) and for the hall to replace the horrible laminate (who knows what the last occupants did to it!)...

    I'm confused!! What will be the cheapest way to buy and fit, from a flooring company and use their fitter or order online and find someone out of the phonebook? Has anybody used any good companies? I am moving to Glasgow.


    tesco got this on sale…y=9

    if you go into specialist flooring place - see if you can get a deal

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    Oooh cool thanks Rep added...never even thought of tesco!
    Any more suggestions?

    I've always found floors to go to be really good. I think there is a promotion on this weekend too though I am not sure which types of flooring they are applying it to. Check out the website for an idea of what they have.

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