harley benton guitars

Found 15th Aug 2017
wondering what are your thoughts on harley benton acoustic guitars

i dont mind a guitar rough about the edge I was in my local guitar shop in which they were offering me some unknown make for £40-£50 2nd hand and i been looking at Harley Benton D-120BK thomann.de/gb/…htm

pretty much everywhere I look people say they are good for the money and when i listen to people play them on youtube they sound pretty good to me

you can pick one up for £52+£10 =£62 delivered to my door looks half the price of yamaha f370
wondering if its a good to learn on

can anyone help
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I'd pay the extra for the Yamaha. It'll have better construction, a better setup, it'll play better, sound better, hold tuning better, hold its value better, and its price tag will maybe serve to be a little more persuasive when you're thinking of quitting. Plus, with the Harley, you'll forever be wishing you'd spent more for the better instrument, up to the point you cave in and buy one.
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