Harmony 885 vs Harmony One

    I've had a Harmony 885 for 18 months now and love it. A button hasbecome faulty recently and as it has a 2 year warranty Logitech have posted me out a brand new one (eta 7-10 days) no questions asked (now that's what I call great customer service!!).

    My question is, should I sell it when it arrives (anyone on here interested by the way?) and get the newer Harmony One, or stick with what I know?

    I understand the Harmony One doesn't have the red/green buttons built in as the 885 does, but also that they can be programmed in. I use those alot for SKY so they need to be readily available.

    Does anyone have experience with both remotes?

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    fla-fla flunky!
    never used the 1 but cant imagine it's that much different, setup will be the same i imagine. touch screens are always fancy but cant see it making too much of a difference. it does look a bit sleeker though.
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