Harmony® 1000 Advanced Universal Remote BEST POSSIBLE PRICE

    had a couple kameleon remotes but i wanted something that looks really sexy and i liked the look of this,anyone saw a great deal on this or have seen something better.i see them on ebay a couple times used and selling for mid £150 but i would love to get this new and cheapest as possible.must be a uk model as the foreign ones won't work over here.below is some info and pics please help cheers.

    Harmony® 1000 Advanced Universal Remote
    If you don't know what this is have a read from Logitech's web site here:…,en
    And a review here…368
    Basically, its a colour touchscreen universal remote control that can control all your devices. The build quality is impressive and the touchscreen is gorgeous. Programming is very easy. It even "wakes up" when you pick it up. You can find many reviews on the net.

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