Harpers Fitness GRRRRRR!

Recently, Harpers Fitness have been holding a promotion saying that there are no membership fees till 2011. So the idea being you pay £40 to join the gym and then you get all the way till January for free, and your on a rolling contract of a month by month basis.

Picture below of said advertisement:

So I went along and tried it out for one day, then talked to the representative. I went through it with this person many times, asking again and again, if I wanted to go through till the end of December, I would only be charged the £40 intial fee. He was adamant that this was the case, but he said that you must cancel before December begins to give one month's notice.

So I go to cancel at the gym on the 25th November, and they tell me to ring head office. So I ring head office, and they say they need a confirmation in writing. So I send off an email and three days later they write back to me saying your gym membership is cancelled as of today. If I let them continue into December, then obviously they will take £40 more from my account!!!

I was like..wth?? This really irritated me. Two things I really wanted to do from this post:

1) Inform others of this possible scam. It is a scam definitely, at least according to what I was sold quite explicitly by the salesperson.

2) Looking for any advice on what I should do next. Anyone know any law or any such thing. I have grabbed an image of the poster, I have got my contract still. Should I be contacting trading standards? Any thoughts would be most welcome.

I do go to the gym today to try and sort this out. I just want to be as prepared as possible. Hopefully they will say, use it till the end of December as a good will gesture.


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Oh it seems I cannot post pictures in the main part. So lets try it here:


Gym sales people lie

Just cancel ur direct debit? Job done

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All sorted! They gave me the month of December back again for free. Haters that I even had to follow up and get things sorted out.
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