Harrier 1000lb Practice Bomb

Found 12th Mar 2016
I found this great direct MOD auction site. So many unique bits I thought I'd bring it to the attention of others.


This is the details from the site on this particular piece:

You are bidding on Direct from the UK Ministry Of Defence a Harrier 1000lb Practice Bomb as dropped by the Harrier force. This is a unique opportunity to buy a piece of military history. This Harrier 1000lb Practice Bomb is unissued and appears to be complete. This is an exceedingly rare item to find and is a must for any collector or if you just fancy a very unique garden ornament.

Please don't shoot (or bomb) the messenger. I like seeing unique things to buy therefore brought this to the attention of others. I'm not a war lover or anything like that so peace and hope you see the deal for what it is.

There are lots of things on the site and the BMW bike also took my attention!
Community Updates
Link not working.
Works for me fine
Kim junck fat just bought it
No lazy link, cold!
wonder if they take PayPal as if it fails to explode I will need to submit a snad claim.
I want one of these, starting price £1000

i'm liking this one
can withstand a landmine or IED...in case i hit one coming back from Sainsburys X)
absolute bargain at £125,000
Can we have a link here please

Can we have a link here please

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Can we have a link here please

Here are a few:


There is another in the thread description/opening comment.
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