Harrods price glitch

Found 15th Dec 2017
Didn’t see any mention of the Harrods price glitch on hduk. Did we miss it? £1000 bags going for under a tenner.

Looks like no-one got the bags though
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What's a Harrods?
OneGloveOnTheFence2 m ago

What's a Harrods?

I’m sure you’re trying to be facetious but for the life of me I can’t see what point you’re trying to make.

I read about that and wondered if the Aspinall bags had been featured on here. £2000 bags going for a couple of quid because of a clerical error. None of the orders are being honoured even though money has gone from accounts apparently.
To be fair if I was a retailer no way would I honour that sale either. People were naive to think they'd get such expensive purses for so little it was an obvious error. If it had been reduced by a couple hundred then you may think it's a sale.
I love the comment that a woman was deeply upset that her order of 14 bags wasn’t honoured
Uilleam172 h, 15 m ago

Maybe one of his staff saw Dispatches on CH4 and thought they would give …Maybe one of his staff saw Dispatches on CH4 and thought they would give some ladies a nice gift from the perv(alleged)http://www.channel4.com/programmes/dispatches

He doesn’t own Harrods anymore, he sold it to the Qataris in 2010.
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