Harrods to donate Meerkats to Charity ...

    This week the much-awaited Meerkat Aleksandr Orlov arrives at Harrods.

    This was a limited-edition toy, based on the television advertisements, to which Harrods had worldwide exclusive rights.

    It proved to be the most popular toy this Christmas, and the store has been delighted with inquiries from customers all over the world wanting to purchase one.

    Due to this high level of demand, the Chairman of Harrods, Mohamed Al Fayed, decided that it was going to be impossible to satisfy everyone, and has come up with a unique solution.

    Instead of selling the Meerkat, which was priced at £19.95, the store will donate all of them to a selection of childrens charities. These charities will be Great Ormond Street Hospital Childrens Charity, The Evelina Childrens Hospital, Chase Hospice Care for Children, Rainbow Trust Childrens Charity and The Shooting Star Hospice.

    Katharine Witty, Group Director of Public Relations, said: The Meerkat craze has gone global. We have had hundreds of thousands of inquiries, and with the limited number we had to sell, so many customers were going to be disappointed.

    The Chairman decided that the fairest solution was to donate them all to charity. We are sure that the children will appreciate this incredible gift, and we trust that our customers will support this generous gesture to those most in need.

    Antonia Dalmahoy, Director of Corporate Partnerships, Great Ormond Street Hospital Childrens Charity said: This is a wonderful surprise for our children at Christmas, and were very grateful to Harrods.

    Harrods will not be giving any interviews or issuing any further statements.


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    any idea / news if they will now make anymore ?

    how gorgeous is he. Many children will be very happy and i hope that their parents allow them to keep them, some children may lose them to ebay

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    my other half would have loved me for ever (im sure she still will), but she would've been over the moon with a little Alex :oops::whistling:

    I wanted to buy one :cry:

    Lets hope they don't end up on Ebay :roll:

    I saw the other day charities are auctioning them off

    The childrens charities have been auctioning them on Ebay since the weekend, they're fetching hundreds of pounds each.


    this happened last week they started selling at £800 for the first few then theyve been finishing at just over £200 quids each

    all auctioned on ebay

    search alexanandr or whatever its name is

    all been been 100% charity auctions btw

    Sure dosn't look like the money from these 6 will be going to charity :x 110470858333

    Yea, I was watching harrods for more information because mum would of loved one of these

    Original Poster


    Sure dosn't look like the money from these 6 will be going to charity :x … Sure dosn't look like the money from these 6 will be going to charity :x 110470858333

    possibly fake product then
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