Harrogate-what is there to do?

    got to go to a 1 day training thing there and the GF has offerred to drop me off and come back at 4pm for me,
    what would entertain there between 9 and 4?
    shopping, museams etc?
    or is it better to drive into somewhere else like leeds?

    also restaurants for after the conference, anyone reccommend one?



    Come to leeds, I'm there haha. About to nip to town actually.


    get on the Train and go to Manchester

    Betty's tea rooms - ]http//ww…uk/

    Just make sure you take plenty of dosh!!

    Bettys is nice....Harrogate is most suitable for the older person....a few gardens etc to walk round and shops with older style things in....(trying not to be rude here) I would come to leeds....more shops etc..depends on what she likes doing really

    Harrogate is where old rich people go to die, get on the train to Leeds.

    If she is interested in gardening there is Harlow Carr, an RHS garden which is well worth a visit.

    You can learn a lot about gardeing, also a gift shop and Bettys Tea Rooms are there.…asp

    Harrogate is a lovely historic town with some fine buildings and shops.

    Have to agree with others, it is more suited to older people.

    But I would have thought there was enough to do to mooch round for the day.

    More here…asp

    Original Poster

    cheers, my lass is 21.
    she likes driving, rock/punk music and such things, but she does enjoy her history and outside pursuits too.

    The last time I went to harrogate I went ]here that might be worth a visit.

    Lots of antique shops,


    Listen to the sound of one hand clapping. ;-)

    quite a few museums around west yorkshire.

    why not drive to york, not too far from there - mcarthur glen
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