Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Was just wondering if anyone had found any good places to preorder this?

Just done a little research into it, and so far have found -

]Amazon - £8.99 (Adult & Childrens Cover)
Play.com - £11.99 (Adult)
BookStack Online - £11.99 (Adult & Childrens Cover)
Woolworths £13.99 (Adult & Childrens Cover)

Does anyone have anything cheaper?

Given that SD cards and USB sticks are getting cheaper, it looks like the amazon one might be the way forward unless there's a better deal out there.


sorry whats harry potter got to do with SD cards and USB memory sticks?

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Just looked at my original post and that bit didn't make sense did it?

What I meant was that as the book is only £8.99, you need a bit of a filler to take advantage of Amazon's free delivery. Hence with SD Cards and USB sticks coming down in price to just over £6, it made sense to go with Amazon from that point of view.

Or you could just pay the delivery cost, which would make the book about £13....

And further to previous research, Tesco has the adult cover version of the book for £9.89 and the Childrens cover version for £9.97

You can pre-order at Waterstones for £8.99 and IIRC the postage is £1.50 and if they have any left you get a free wizard book of some sort as well. :thumbsup:

I imagine it will be cheaper once it's been released.
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