Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - UK book art released!

    Heres the artwork for the new book:…jpg

    I dont read the books (dont wanna spoil the movies! :-D ), but it looks kinda weird compared to the last books....

    But meh, the movie will be better anyway! (and if the patten of the last films carrys on, we may see it as late as 2010)

    Anyhow, hope somebody here reads the harry potter books, else this thread is abit of a waste! :giggle:


    The movies cut so much out of the books that you don't even get half the story. :-(

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    Alot of people say that the book is better then the films


    Alot of people say that the book is better then the films

    Definately. If you've read the books and then watch the films you realise just how much important storylines they leave out. :thumbsup:

    Yeah they leave way too much out of the films from the books. I mean they have to cause the books are so big. There was a petition i think for the last movie to be split into two parts cause it was so big lol but they just cut a lot of stuff out and made it into one movie

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    my wife never sees the films cos it spoils the book lol

    Pavillion, just so you know, the link doesn't work, here's the cover though.

    For the full book cover (showing the back and the flaps too) however, see…e=1

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    What about adult cover front and back?

    Here's a few pics from inside the book.

    SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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