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    Ive been looking around website for the Harry Potter Hardback book collection. Ive read a few reviews and found these are the best books out there, the kids edition.
    The cheapest i have found then on is…tml?searchstring=harry+potter+box+set&searchtype=bookall&searchsource=0&urlrefer=search&strefer=bookall&searchfilters=s{harry%20potter%20box%20set}+c{91}+

    At around £65. Really dont have that much money to spend, so if anyone can find a cheaper deal, would be much appreciated.



    £35.21 if you buy the adult edition box set from Amazon

    Same content inside, only the book covers are different.

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    Ive read reviews and the childrens version is the best, quality and written wise. So im gonna get that, doesnt matter if its more expensive than the others.
    Im just asking is £65 the average price for it.
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