Harry Potter complete 8 film collection

    Hi I bought the above films still sealed in collection box set 16 disc DVD set and Iv opened up the box set to find each film inside the packaging to be inside a food bag is this normal now with box set DVDs to me something dose not feel right.

    For reference It's the same box set as this one from HMV


    where did u buy it from.

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    eBay shop @ £21.99 but it came completely sealed in plastic cellophane advertised as brand new still sealed I'm trying to figure out if it's a really good fake or genuine as its a 2016 boxset with all films maybe each dvd inside the cardboard selves do have another film protection ie. A food bag type thing wrapped around each disc.

    I have no idea, but i'm intrigued, any pictures of it?

    Is the same item on Amazon? Maybe check reviews or the answered questions, someone else may have asked.

    It's REALLY easy to make things sealed again - a common trick on eBay with video games, and even first gen iPhones. Don't be fooled by seals as they don't mean anything. As far as I know DVDs shouldn't be in food bags though! Are there any tiny scratches on the disks, or any other signs they aren't new? I'd take some photos.

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    Is the same item on Amazon? Maybe check reviews or the answered … Is the same item on Amazon? Maybe check reviews or the answered questions, someone else may have asked.

    Very good idea to check amazon reviews but what a minefield of how amazon sort the reviews they have bluray and DVD reviews from 2011 2014 and every other year all for the 2016 DVD edition, This is the new 2016 box set version so I just looked at 2016/17 reviews and it looks like a lot of people complaining about the cardboard box set version the discs just fall out and are scratched on arrival so maybe as extra protection they put the dvds in thin plastic bags to keep them safe from getting scratched. so in all a very poorly designed box set where the dvds shake around in the cardboard packaging so answer to this put them in food bags and then slot them into the poorly designed cardboard packaging.

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    UNBOXING VIDEODoes this help?

    Yep it's exactly that box set and I guess as the bloke said in the video the discs scratch easily and even his discs were scratched so warner brothers must now just be putting the discs in plastic sleeves inside the box sets I'll try get some picks up later on but very unimpressed with the packaging in general what a crap box set design.
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