Harry Potter (wii) help please?

    Am i just being stupid here? I am playing this game and not sure what to do now. There are no tasks in the map, Ron and Hermione are telling me to look at the marauders map to find the D.A. members but there name's are not on the task bit and I can't see anyone on the actual map itself! am i doing something wrong or do I have to press something to get people to show up on the map? i use the map where you press the - button and it comes up. thanks!


    Are you looking at the right section of the map? on the 360 you have to press the RT to show the people

    1. Marauder’s Map

    The castle of Hogwarts is a very large playing area and when you first start
    the game it is very easy to get lost, especially if you have not gained the
    portrait passwords and have to travel the long way around to get anywhere.
    To make this task easier you have full use of the Marauder’s Map. Press the
    select button to access the map and you will see Hogwarts grounds laid out in
    front of you. If you press the direction pad to the left you will see a full
    list of rooms in Hogwarts and can press the X button to select whichever room
    you want to reach. Pressing right on the direction pad will give you a list of
    any characters in the game that have a task for you to do. Again, press the X
    button to select them.

    When you have selected your destination you can press the select button again
    to return to the game and foot prints will be laid out in front of you showing
    you which way to go. A very handy addition to the Harry Potter series I

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    thanks for the reply nastylilhobbits, but i cannot work this one out!I have gone into the map and pressed the left directional button, "tasks" which is empty, the right directional shows areas/rooms, and no people show up on the map at all, i'm so confused! grrr, i've tried pressing random buttons but no-one appears on the map! grrrr how can they tell me to use the map to find them when they're not on the map! Arrrggghhhh!

    You could go to a gaming site and search for a walkthrough.

    Original Poster

    Ahhh, thank you, will do that, google here i come!!!
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