Harry Redknapp's wife injured in a car accident. What are the BBC trying to insinuate?

Found 20th Oct 2016
Just watched a rather long and strange BBC News report on the incident that took place yesterday in Westbourne. Sandra Redknapp apparently had her coat and foot caught in the door of his Range Rover. According to the report, Harry pulled away and she was dragged along the road, causing a minor head injury, and ligament damage to her leg that required surgery overnight. Apart from this, and the understandable shock, she is back home and everything is fine, thankfully.

However BBC1 ran a circa 3 minute report, fairly high in the running order on their main bulletin, with a journalist broadcasting live from outside his house. The reporter seemed very intent on repeatedly covering certain aspects in great detail, and referred to the 'unusual circumstances' in what appeared an exaggerated and knowing manner. Are the BBC trying to suggest something other than what is being widely reported?

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Personally, I can't imagine pulling away so quickly that a passenger would still have their foot in the car with the door not properly shut, but I wasn't there to witness the incident, and neither were the BBC.


that hes a disingenuous bloke capable of poor driving and having an argument (maybe) with his wife?

Wheeler dealer, wife's injury concealer.

I don't think they are meaning to be malicious about it, but they are playing on the 'hapless car window man' angle, as are other media outlets, which I think is uncalled for. It sounds quite serious.
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Ex-Tottenham and Portsmouth boss Harry Redknapp knew about players … Ex-Tottenham and Portsmouth boss Harry Redknapp knew about players betting on their own game

There's a bit more about it here (about the third story down)


Perhaps Harry found out Sandra has been telling stories about him?

Maybe he just wanted to show the FA that he's not a soft touch like Gareth Southgate.
Or she failed to give him a bung for being selected for the early morning bedroom game.
Hope she's well anyway.

Maybe Sandra knew too much...

no wonder shes in the **** reserves

Couldn't give toss myself as I'm sure there would have been more important items the main news could have covered. Same old dumber down BBC.
What's next ... Rooney cat is stuck up a tree with the six o'clock news going live to the base of the tree asking the cat "and what are your emotions Pusey"?

The video where's he's being interviewed and a player kicks a ball at him is still a classic. X)

Love Harry, typical cockney no nonsense type of geezer. The delboy of football.
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