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    I want to order a bed frame from harveys but the delivery cost is £59, I think this is totally ridiculous as the bed is ony 250. Apparently its in a range that harveys wont budge on the delivery so..... does anyone know any codes or has anyone had similar experience?

    Help appreciated




    £59!! it probs cost them that to make the bed. jeez il have a browse and report back


    cant see any codes at the moment, but reading a few forums and harveys have a very poor reputation for delivery/prices and customer service.

    you might be best of linking the bed and letting someone else find it elsewhere for you

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    This is the Bed - if anyone else can find this bed (Oak) I'd be over the moon -…spx

    Thanks Hybrid youre a star

    When I was told of the delivery charge I told them to deliver the goods to the store and I would pick it up from there. They then charged me £15 I think for a table and 6 chairs. I had to wait AGES for the delivery due to shortages even though I paid the £400 on the day I ordered. Had similar experience with Furniture village. I think all these companies are the same.


    thats simular, not oak but looks very close and so much cheaper and from someone you can trust

    Try item 220516062550 on ebay (£199.99 delivered) (different bed) (8 available)

    Or view the bed @ Harveys as £309 delivered. Seems reasonable price>?

    For the money I'd go with the one Hybrid Theory linked to.
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    Left of field, but have you trid Sleepright, they do a good selection of beds & I believe that delivery is £35.00

    Sale and free delivery on beds at sainsburys. worth a look
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