Has an Irishman taken over www.currys.co.uk?

Add a lean mean fat grilling machine to your basket (or anything else for that matter) and it will suggest a 'chocolate fountain' is the perfect add on.


Cross-selling the Irish way.


<- off to try some hamburger dipped in chocolate

SPAMburger posts aren't allowed in the forums

Healthy grilled chocolate hamburgers combined with currys I feel sick lol...

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How to wind up store attendents:

If your a girl, stand in the middle of the entrance to waitrose and when someone asks what are you doing, say my names 'rose'.

Go into Selfridges and ask them why they don't actually sell any fridges.

Ask anyone in Homebase for a cordless extention leed.

Ring the home shopping channel and when you get through and ask what you want, say that your 'just looking thanks'.

Bring a small lamb into woolworths and get a valuation.

Its a strange world..

What the hell does Thomas Cook? They never tell you that.

Why does everything cost an arm and a leg in the body shop?

Have you ever tried to stretch a pound? - It can't be done.

Why isn't it Virgin pickle?

Did the person who come up with the word chilli have no taste buds?

LOL uiaman, you have brightened up my day

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Blimey Poppy10, you have brightened up mine too!

Chocolate fountains are all in mode! Oooops!
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