has any one else noticed this in programs

    i'm watching king of queebs abd they just has a side on view in a car (so you can see the people and the outside) yet looking at the windows (dont ask why i looked there.... i just did) its the wrong reflection it was a reflection for a pick-up with loads of cameras attached to it! yet they were ment to be in a ups van ;-) anyone else noticed anything like this in programs (first time i ever had)


    I remember watching a film (can't think of the name) where a guy was walking down a street, and you could see the whole of the film crew in the reflections of the shop windows.


    Saw a program a while back, can't remember what it was...bit Sharpe like, and you could see a plane in the distance....

    There is a website for all this stuff....can't remember what its called but it lissts all cock ups in films and has links to ones for TV

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