Has any one sent an ipod back to apple to be fixed

I checked my warrenty on the apple website and i have a few months left but i dont have a reciet.

do they just check the serial number on the back of the ipod?


Worth going into an apple store or an 'expert' store, and they should be able to sort it out for you

I haven't taken an ipod to be repaired, but with my macbook, they just looked at the serial number and could tell how long was left on the guarantee. I didn't have a receipt, as it was an insurance replacement.

hi they took my sons of to be repaired no problems except when it come back it was brand new mac battery in the box emailed them they said sorry but keep the battery and then they sent ipod back next day this was all done by email

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kl ill find a store. thx all

i sent my ipod to be repaired after the nano got abit dodgy- had no receipt. called helpline, they checked remaining warranty on it, and sent me a jiffy bag to pack it in and return. i got mine 2nd hand, and when he asked what date i purchased it, i told him, but he said he wrote the date of actual sale which was either the day or the day after the warranty started (a year before expiry).. so it wasnt a problem at all, and the CS rep was great.anyway, ipod came back new cos the problem couldnt be fixed (the hold button wasn't working- just kept sliding around), and the warranty of the new one was valid until the expiry date of the original faulty one if i recall rightly.. hope that helps.
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