Has any tried the **** car challenge, on GTA4?

Me and bro have completed GTA4, so to entertain ourselves we made up the **** car challenge.

Basically, you need the ****test car on the game, (we think its the one that is all rusty, and when the car changes gear a little flame comes out the exhaust pipe. Does anyone know that name of it?).

Then you need to get from the airport, once you have entered the airport, you need to try and get the police after you. (Once you go on the airport runway you automatically get 4 stars).

Then you have to get to the third island, furthest point as possible. All you can use in footpower or the **** car, you can use weapons but only in a car.

Give it a try, it can be a laugh.

Sorry if you think this is ****, Im bored.


old banger?

Original Poster


old banger?

thats what i would like to call it. lmao :-D

Original Poster


How would other people have tried it if you and your brother made it up?

hmmm....good point. but people could have done something similar. :oops:

I'm in the process of looking for pigeons at the moment, but I keep getting bored, so go on a rampage instead, lol
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