Has anybody bought this Avent Set ?,default,pd.html it BPA free?

    Need BPA free bottles.

    Has anyone bought this .... link below

    And can they confirm whether or not this is BPA free?


    says here in this link I found ]http//ww…tml that only one of their range is BPA free - think it says its the VIA system?!. I have the newborn starter set on order with mothercare - but had never heard of this until I saw your thread.

    I had a steriliser from avent about 6 months ago and the newborn bottles were BPA free. The BPA look yellow if you open it and have a look.
    To be honest I don't think it makes too much of a difference whether or not they are BPA free. It is only relevant when the bottle become old and scratched that the old bottles are considered 'dangerous'

    I bought the same set 8 months ago from asda and I think its a bargain. To be totally honest, any of the avent bottles are good. My baby had colic for about 9 weeks and suddenly she was fine. I gave my baby infacol in between her feeds. Its just painful watching them cry but seriously the bottles are another way of getting more money out of you. Other retailers are selling the new starter packs for £20.
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