Has anybody got a Dell XPS 13 which does not suffer from coil whine?

LocalFound 4th Jan 2017
I'm really tempted to buy the new Kaby Lake XPS 13 but I've heard lots of complaints about coil whine...

I bought last year's version and had to return it due to the annoying noise it makes when scrolling... (the apparant coil whine)

It'd be interesting to hear from people who actually own one and don't have any coil whine issues at all.

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I've got 2.

One is a 2015 Broadwell model which has quite bad coil whine. However, this did replace an earlier Broadwell XPS 13 which had no coil whine.

The other XPS 13 I've got is a 2016 Skylake model which has very little if any coil whine. It's all a bit random I'm afraid.
I have two and there is no coil. Noise.. It is the best windows laptop. The new version shown at ces is a convertible
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